June 11 – TGIF

It was very hot today, so I thought I’d cut the grass early. Well after climbing they the shed, (you can’t stand up in it), I found the weed wacker and decided I’d do that instead.

I noticed the geese only go to the clover in the yard, so I thought I would do that first. Well that worked out well then I got side tracked cleaning the flood debris out of the flower bed. No flowers, I just call it that.

So I got the sticks out of it and cleaned out two big trash bags full of sticks and yucky stuff. So now it looks managable.


The guy next door is still trying to see if his AC is working. So he took the skirt off and is drying it out. He will test it out tomorrow.

So I heard from the weather channel that it will be really dry this year and it will make the ticks come out. So I decided to weed wack the tall grasses at the beach level. So glad I did now I can see the water from the hammock.


Now I can see the wildlife.

You can have the geese! I counted 38 ADULT geese down there this morning. There was so much green goose poop it was on everything. So I could not mow back here so I just weed wacked until I ran out of string! The grasses tangled it all up and I kept having to stop and cut it. Well it ran out of string so I’m waiting on Amazon on Monday to deliver more string. What did we do before we had Google and Amazon??

Well here is a sunset for ya.

Happy trails.

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