June 14 – Monday

Well I decided to make a banana nut bread with the left over bananas who succumbed to the heat and humidy here.

Well, after gathering all the pans and spraying them, I realized I didn’t hav half of the ingredients!

So I realized this would be a prison cooking recipe. Thats what I call it when I have don’t all the ingredients.

Flour – no – just almond flour, healthier right? Ha

Baking soda – yes! Only in a 2lb box! Only need a tsp! I use this for cleaning and draining cleaning with vinigar.

Stick Butter -no- just tub margarine. Eggs -no- just egg substitute.    Sugar-no- just powdered sugar.  Milk-no- I’ll use the sour cream in the squeeze bottle.             

Vanilla- yes!

Lemon juice-no- I just ran out! Argh!  2 rotten bananas Yes!!!!!!

Walnuts yes!!

Cinnamon Yes!!

So here goes, almond flour, baking soda. Set aside.

In Cuisinart, bananas, egg substitute, powdered sugar, sour cream bc I had no milk! Blend. PULSE.

Take flour/baking soda mix, dump in a little at a time. Alternate with squirts of sour cream since I don’t have milk and lemon juice. Alternate, pulse, dump and pulse.

Add walnuts.            

Pour in loaf pan sprayed with PAM spray. Then, preheat toaster oven, I’m in a trailer remember.

Then realize your regular loaf pan does not fit in the toaster oven!! (Insert Charlie Brown Argh!)

So scrap out batter from large loaf pan to smaller loaf pan. Hum, what to do with extra batter?? Find really small set of loaf pans. Well, since moving, I thew all the pans in 6 different places! So, while trailer is heating up from toaster oven that’s been heating for 30 minutes now, on a 90+ day. I look for the pans I haven’t used since 2018!

So, I find the pans after praying to St. Anthony, the patron Saint of lost items. I fill the extra batter into the pan and now I have one large loaf and one small one for freezer. Put in oven.

Its starts baking and it’s supposed to bake for 55 min. After 30 minutes, I’m smelling burned bread. It rose so much that it was touching the top of the oven.

Well, I gad to quickly drag it out of the oven and think now what? So, I stick a toothbrush in. Mush. So I take the shell out of the pan and put it on aluminum foil. Put it back in oven upside down. It worked…20 minutes of baking and it was solid on 4 sides and toothpick was clean. Success!

Racing strip

Not pretty but pretty tasty!

Happy trails.


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