June 15 – Tuesday

Getting my second Covid shot today in Pt. Clinton.

Thank goodness it was ineventful!

There was a woman in there that looked like she hadn’t left her house in years. Had her pj’s on and her pants were asaggin’.

The nurse kept telling her it was okay for her to leave but she kept hanging around. She told her she was making sure she had no side effects because she was an epileptic.

So the nurse let her wait a little longer but assured her that they had no patients that had any side effects from it in the waiting room.

So after my time was up, she left at the same time I did. I think she just wanted someone to talk too. We had a few words but I could tell she wasn’t all there. God love her. She stood up and about lost her pants. You can’t “unsee” that.

But I did see my first Mayflies. We don’t have them on our side of the island! Canada can keep them.

Sorry it’s blurry, but they are gross!

Made it back okay but arm is a little sore but I didn’t seem tired. Well see .

Happy trails.

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