June 5 – Sunday

Beautiful weather here! Saw a great sunrise at 5:30 am when red was shining in the front room. Sky looked like it was on fire.

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.


Then the winds kicked up at 3pm. Man scary white caps. A boat came in with one engine (had 2) into the marina. He tried to turn around and the wind blew him so hard that he was going sideways and had no way to stop. He got next to the breakwall and actually jumped out of the boat! Then hopped back in and after his passenger yelled at him.

He tried to go backwards in the small channel out to this roaring water in the Bay and was gunning in backwards but the wind was turning him. It was so scary.

I had just watched a tiktok on boat crashes and looked out the door to see this guy going backwards!

He finally made it to the boat ramp and then the guy who was helping him put it on the trailer, pulled the trailer into the water and when the boat hit the trailer, the truck started to roll into the water. The guy hopped back into the truck and stopped it and the boat went on the trailer almost vertical! It was a bizarre scene. So glad I don’t have a boat!


Happy trails.

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