June 6 – Monday

Still going thru boxes of photos. A guy who was my old neighbor called and wanted me to sew and repair his boat canvas again.  I did it 2 years ago and it is torn again. I told him to bring it Tuesday. I have to do it on the porch because it is such a big cover. I work for cheese from Cheesehaven. Ha

It is a huge building that has cheese, crackers  and old-time candies and wine. They are expensive so I tell the locals, I work for cheese. Ha

I should tell them I will sew for wine!

Had a major storm today. Huge tree limb broke off and hit my gutter which landed on two boats, knocked my bike into the lawnmower and put a big gouge in the frame of the bike. Blew the door off my shed even though it was bolted shut!

Tree branch stuck in siding
Trees on boats
Chair floating in the harbor

It was a terrible storm. They think it was straight line winds. Lost my chair cushions. In the lake now. I found my bike cover down the road, all ripped up.

I hope it dries out soon. Happy trails.

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