June 23 – Thursday

I went down and opened up the camper vent as it was a 106゚ in there. Tons of spiders all over the outside with webs that caught all the cottonwood tree seeds. It looks like it was toilet papered by Mother nature.

Well I thought I’d spray for the spiders and had 1/4 cup of bug spray left so I thought I would pour it in the spray bottle with the spider spray and left it in the camper on the counter. Wellll, with do that again!

It blew up and there was spider and bug spray all over the counter. It smelled very fragrant in there! It also leaked into the solar puck light that was on the counter. Ate the finish right off the silver face on it. Oh well. I took the batteries out so as to not blow anything else up.

I left the roof vent open to air it out.

Time for a deep cleaning. Happy trails.

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