June 24 – TGIF

I finally sewed all day in the AC! It was so hot couldn’t go outside anyways.

Finished Cousin Ellen’s cushion covers. She wanted them removable so she could wash them. Nice Sunbrella fabric.

Outdoor cushions

Well, daughter Molly moved to Greenville SC today. Movers came Thursday packed up all her wordly possessions and put them in 2 pods. They will store them until she gets settled in.

2 wooden pods

This is what her place looks like now.

Celebrating the view from the rooftop garden.

Can’t wait to visit. Miss her already.

Happy trails.


    1. Interior Design. She’s LEEDS certified and wants and is designing small communities with swimming clubs, gulf course locker rooms and hotel lobbies. She always checks out hotel bathrooms! Lol


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