July 2 – Sat.

Fireworks every in the park and over the bay.

Cedar Point is the amusement park across the bay and they have fireworks all summer long. Big show is on Sat. and the 4th.

Our park has a band so I’ll go check them out. There is a little pavillion with a stage.

From here they sound pretty good.

Temperature inside the van was 106°. Hot in there! Opened the roof vent and aired it out. Don’t want to fill it up yet for the road because it has to go into the shop to get the awning installed. I hope they don’t tear up the roof! The backet was $800. The awning repair is $4,000!

Makes me sick to think it was only out 1 minute when that dust devil hoodoo came ripping through. Just hope it gets replaced with no issues. A lot of Nomads just take theirs off because it’s a hassel and a lot of weight. Mine is push button but seldom works when you push it!

It is supposed to come in Aug. 24th.

Happy trails.

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