July 3 – Sunday

Ellen got here and it was so hot we headed right to the pool! This park has a great pool. Tons of kids but that is usually just on the weekends.

Then we had time to go through our Grandmother’s post cards from 1910.

She would have been in her 20s then and really had a fun time dancing at the dance hall. She had little black books to right down all of her suitors!

These postcards were hysterical. They would write “didn’t get your card” then she’d received one that said “got your card”. They kept the post office busy in 1910 for 1 cent!

Just a few postcards!

We will keep reading!

Happy trails.


  1. Cool to have those postcards, but hard to know what to do with them. Maybe scan them? Give them to a historical society or museum in the area where she lived?


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