July 21 – Thursday

Peggy went to Goodwill and picked up the chairs. They all fit in her SUV.

She left to go back to Indiana. We sure had a good weekend for raining all weekend!

I started messing with this computer to get it to recognize the printer driver again!! Argh! I have to keep reloading it!

I had ordered a printer on Amazon Prime Days and I never got it. I kept tracking it but it would never say where it was! So I called them to cancel it and they said they would just order a replacement. ??? And I wouldn’t have to return the other one should it show up!! What??? I can’t believe they would just ship another one. I guess we will see if either of them show up!

This computer is Windows 10 and not Windows 11. So I dont want Windows 11 because it keeps crashing my printer.

I’ll let you know if it comes in.

Happy trails.

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