July 20 – Weds. Cruise

Well it started out being a muggy day then the skies let loose.

About 2pm her sister, Linda called and said the cruise was cancelled due to lightening and impending storms. So since we didn’t want to sit inside, we decided to walk to Stonecrusher Park, a little bike trail about 2 miles long that was owned by the quarry on the island. This peninsula is solid rock and they blast it all the time.

The park trail is right by the football field and those poor kids were roasting out there in those uniforms.

After we were sufficiently sweaty, we went to the pool. IT FELT SO GOOD IN THAT COOL WATER.

Then we decided to go to Goodwill and Peggy found 6 dining room chairs that she saw there for $60. So for $10 a chair, it was a great score. She was certain they could all fit in her Honda CRV. She would pick them up in the morning. I drove and so she didn’t want to pack them up twice. And it was pouring buckets by then.

I guess in Toledo where the boat was, it only rained at 3pm and quit. We got way more rain. Party was to be at 6pm. It will be rescheduled for this Monday.

After Goodwill, we were hungry and went to the Hidden Beach Bar for great Perch sandwiches.

Perch sandwich

Came home and watched House of Gucci with Lady GaGa! It was great! True story about high fashion and murder.

Happy trails.

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