Just 19 – Tuesday

Peggy from Indiana is coming this afternoon so we can go in her sister’s birthday cruise on Weds.  in Toledo.

The ship is called the Sandpiper and it sails up and down the Maumee River.

It was raining a lot this afternoon so hopefully it goes away by Wednesday.

It’s still really hot out so Peggy and I’ll go down to the pool and go swimming.

We wanted to check out the Goodwill in town here too. I had a load of stuff to drop off and so did I.

Made some ribs in the instapot
Air fryer lid for 6 minutes…yum

The ribs are so easy in the Instapot.

After the ribs, we fired up the Hulu and watched the documentary on Victoria’s Secret, all about Les Wexner and how he made an empire out of selling underwear in a catalog. Then how he lost it all by pairing up with Jeffrey Epstein! Some people thought he had a thing for Epstein. Even got in a fight with his own mother over him.

Just a very good documentary on a businessman who had it all and gave the power over to someone else. Note to self: start your own business and keep it!

Happy trails.

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