Aug. 1 – Monday

Can’t believe it’s August already!

After sweating so bad cutting grasses, I decided to hop on the pool. Man, it felt great. Sans kids.  I couldn’t go last night because it was a kid’s pool party w hotdogs and ice cream. Lots of candy wrappers on the ground.

It will get real quiet during the week  which I love.  Been cricuting a lot. Love all that vinyl I got at the craft show  nice quality stuff.

I always look for funny saying and hopefully I can make them come out correctly on the cutting machine.

I tried this one.

Let’s get toasted!

I figured it can go on a tote bag or marshmallow container.

I have tried some iron on vinyl but I ran out of blanks so I am going the rub on route with sticky vinyl. So far so good.

Gotta work on a camping theme.

Happy trails.

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