Aug  2 – Tuesday

Was another hot one! 89° heat index of 100°! Yikers

So I did indoor stuff. I did go to the hardware store and get a new GFI outlet for the porch. The old one got fried when I plugged the repaired cord in it. It sparked and quit working. Sometimes they do that when they are older.  It’s a 2011 Park Model and I think it just wore out.

Well I put my big girl pants on and tried to find the breaker that went to the outside outlet but could not find the breaker in the panel. So I just found one that said OSR (outside receptacle, duh) and flipped it off and held my breath when I took the cover off.

I always remembered Black Gold so I knew the black negative wire went to the gold screw on the outlet think, Black Gold Whisky. Green is the ground and white wire, positive, goes to the silver screw, (think hiho Silver, white horse). So I went for it, and it worked!

Whoo hoo! Love it when things work.

Love that green light!

Started to pack for my trip to SD. I’m getting itchy feet!

Happy trails.

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