Dec 13 – Day 88 Tues.

I feel a little better today and the sun is out. It’s going to sit outside today if it is not too windy.

Well that wind was really cold and the high was only 50° so I didn’t sit out too long.

I happened to see the windshield repair guy come by in his van. I stopped him and asked him if he could look at the chips in my window. He said sure and pulled in right in front of the van.

He got out and assessed the hole in my windshield that I thought a pine cone had put there because when I found it the pine cone was laying on my windshield and the bottom of it was stuck in the hole.

Hole in windshield

He was surprised that a pine cone would do that and thinks that maybe it was a rock and then the pine cone got stuck when it fell from the 100′ tree in Tennessee. Either way, it was a shattered hole.

So he said yeah I can fix that. So he got his ladder out and took the Dremel tool and drilled a tiny hole in the windshield..

I was freaking out because I thought for sure it would leave a giant crack. But he put some gizmo on it that was pressurized and shot some kind of material in it and waited. After he released it, the quarter sized chip was gone.

I mentioned there was a small one in the top of the windshield when I got it from the dealer. He looked at it and said yep that’s a chip. So I had him he fixed that 1 also. Chips are the hazards of the road.

He told me this was a very expensive windshield and that it would be about $2000 to replace because it’s a smart windshield with all electronics in it.

Thank you Robert for the repair! $160 for both.

If I had gone through insurance, It would have been a $500 deductible. So I think I got a deal.

Happy trails.

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