Dec 14 – Day 89 Weds.

Well I finally dug out the metal detector. Tonight there is going to be a hunt at night where you team up with a partner and you swing the metal detector and the partner holds the flashlight and the digger trowel.

Marlene offered to go with me as my flashlight and digger partner.

For $5, we got to eat a potluck dinner there and freeze our butts off as the sun set in 47 weather. The wind was really blowing which made it feel colder.

The club buried 2400 quarters in the desert. They section off the area in 4 quadrants. After dinner, we waited until 6 o’clock for the horn to blow to start. Everybody lined up and we waited and we waited. I think they were waiting for it to get really dark.

We were all saying let’s go let’s go, and then finally he blew the horn.

I had just charged the batteries and they showed full. However, Right after they blew the horn they went down a bar so I knew I was in trouble. The hunt is an hour long and I needed the backlight on the detector.

Well, we got a 1/2 hour into the hunt and we were finding quarters. But then the detector light went out and Marlene had to keep shining the light on the screen at the same time shining it on the ground so we could see the quarters. It was still beeping and giving us readings so always not lost. Until it was.

As it was getting colder and colder, I kept turning the detector on as it was shutting off. We still kept finding quarters Then, when we could not hear the beeping sound of the detector anymore, we were both so cold we said let’s bag it and went over to the side and counted our quarters. We did find one nickel so we ended up collecting $4.05. Not even enough to pay for dinner. Ha

Metal Detector

We had ridden our bike so we went over and unlocked them, packed up and rode home in the freezing wind.

Saturday there is a daytime hunt. I will definitely do that one with fresh batteries.

Happy trails.

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